About Us

What sets us apart from other raw suppliers?

Our knowledge and advice. Raw is overwhelming at first with lots of misinformation. I know I needed help when I started!


Above is my whippet Sherlock.

I have been transitioning dogs to raw for over 5 years now and have a weath of knowledge, however, as with human nutrition, you are never finished learning! That is why me and my two colleagues are studying canine nutrition under Caroline Griffiths creator of The Naked Dog. I'm usually running around like a headless chicken keeping the stores running smoothly. Luke mostly works Sunday and Monday and is incredibly helpful and willing to go the extra mile!

Claire's Pack

Above is Claire's pack.

My colleague Claire takes run-down and struggling foster dogs and transforms them with a fresh healthy diet and, of course, nourishing love! If you have any questions about fostering a dog into a new home or herbal alternatives to harsh medication, she's the one to speak to! She lives and breathes dogs (yes she’s one of those!) and is an absolute fountain of knowledge. She especially loves poodles and has a small pack of her own at home (you'll probably meet at least one in the shop!)

Sarah's malamute

Sarah has two Alaskan Malamutes and is our in-house large breed expert. As well as being a canine nutritionist in training she's full of "raw" enthusiasm. She particularly specialises in how to entertain dogs with toys and treats (very useful as we all love a bit of peace!).

Here at All Raw we provide over 15 different brands of raw minces, natural treats and cold-pressed dog food so we can help you create a diet tailored to your animal.

All of our staff a qualified to help you transition to your animal to raw food. If need some delivered, or just want to pop by the shop to work out costs, we are here to help!